Help the Shadow’s Journey.

This is Shadow’s Journey

I am Damien Skye Knight. d I am FTM transgendered. I am recording my journey on my tumblr, youtube and The Shade of Writing. I need your help.

How You Will Help

I Am asking for 6500 dollars as the goal. This will help pay initial top surgery. Any overage will go to a LGBT charity.

Help Make Being Transgendered Transparent

This campaign is not just about me alone. I am recording my journey and hoping to make a change in how the world views Transgenders. Right now the LGBT movement is making great strides. The thing is many often forget trans-gender people are a part of this. I want to see that change. Help us tell the world it is ok to be different.

What Else Can You Do

Tell people. Spread the word. Hit that share button! Help both our mission grow and my journey.

Want to donate? Donate here :

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