Snow Day

I sit thinking of how far I have been
And wonder where I will go.
I gaze out the window
To see the dusting snow.
It paints the landscape gracefully
With its winter chill
Such a beautiful season
The land is soft and still
I see the children playing
A snowman on the lawn
The cat is by the fire
Outstretched it gives a yawn
The tree is decorated
With lights, bobbles, and bells
Presents underneath it
the house, a sugar cookie smell
I curl upon the sofa
My lover is by my side
Carolers are singing joyously
The song wafting from outside
I breath in all around me
And I feel the season joy
All my senses inundated
And I am like an eager little boy
Waiting for santa on the eve
Wanting to see reindeer
And what is in the sleigh
Hope he carries more snow for me

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