A Crazy Medical Back History

Written by: Damien Knight


Below is an old blog post from a former blog I kept. The post was a medical update from five years ago. Since then I had learned that my doctor wanted me on EFMP for asthma and epilepsy. I have also been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disorder and the bipolar diagnosis turned out to not even exist in my medical records. I lived my life medicated for a disease I had no diagnosis for. This blog, I created it because I wanted to share the good and the bad of life.

“Ok, in a week I learn what my blood results are. Since the doctor wants me on the EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program) I know something’s up. Most likely this is for my past diagnosis of bipolar. A diagnoses I am now trying to contest and get a re-diagnosis. I Have to get an MRI for twitching and fainting spells which is why my friends I keep leaving the bar on Tuesday early. My worst twitching episodes happen at about 10:00 Pm and it is embarrassing for me to have others see me smacking myself.

Anyway, I get that done Friday and Wednesday I go see a doctor for an evaluation of my blood results. I need to talk to the doctor about this damn black spot that appeared on my eye. I have been having these problems for months (the twitching migraines and fainting problem) it took Akron dragging me to the doctor to do something about it. My own concerns had been so focused on my personal displeasure at being born in a female body that the health of said body really didn’t matter.

So, I had a conversation with Aaron last night. I asked him if it was normal to see what I could only describe as television static in front of everything one sees. He told me no.

So for my friends I ask is this normal? I know the silver static that blocks out my entire vision is not normal but my vision is always blocked with light static in front. I wonder is it normal?

Update: So, this was before they diagnosed me with hypothyroidism and epilepsy. The lump I spoke of on my eye in this prior journal turned out to be a blood tumor and I just had surgery on it after two years of ignoring it.”

As I make my journey, I intend to keep updating everyone how I am doing. I am a poet, novelist, father, college student and many other things but I am also a Trans Male and I know there needs to be more visible Female to male trans people. That we need to be out there discussing our happiness and our struggles. Thank you and please feel free to support my transition here: The Shadow’s Journey.

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