Carolina Ale House Review

By Aaron Knapp


We were headed out for evening dinning and decided to go to the Carolina Ale House. It is a local place with an emphasis on local athletics. We went due to the fact the establishment usually has lots of people parked outside. That day it was close to a four-day holiday and the place was empty. Once we sat down and we put our orders in, a look around showed this was a sports themed bar and restaurant. After a long wait, we received our food. I got boneless wings and sweet potato fries, and a sprite. I am not a big alcohol drinker, so the “ALE” was out of the question, as was the bar area. My wings were BBQ flavored and had a decent amount of sauce on them. The wings were average, but the sweet potato fries were good. Another patronage person on their way out gave our children an Augusta Rock we thanked them and continued our meal. We had other arrangements for the evening, making deserts off limits, and the fact the salad, and meal were plenty for the time being.
In all the restaurant, food, and service were good. If you’re in the area Carolina Ale House may be a viable option for you.

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