Motivation Monday: Why Saying F-This Sh*T is Motivation


On Sept 2 @itskermit tweeted a statement that spoke to my soul.


I saw it today shared on Facebook and thought, seriously saying, F- it and doing something is much easier than psyching myself out with can do statements. The beauty of saying Fuck It is that you stop worrying. You let it all go. That girl you got a crush on? F-it ask her out. That diet plan you keep waffling over- F-it now is the time no more debate. Got to clean the attic, want to go over seas? Make it reality by saying Fuck this I am going. When the chips are down and you just can’t figure what you got to lose Saying F-it is a win. So friends for today’s Motivation Monday embrace that Fuck This Shit attitude and get the job done!

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2 comments on “Motivation Monday: Why Saying F-This Sh*T is Motivation

  1. Kristina Swanson says:

    Love this!


  2. angelapoway says:

    Love this way of thinking – and I hadn’t really processed how it has that same effect on me until reading your post. Thanks for my little life lesson of the day! Now f**k it, its time for me to go to the gym and pretend to do sit ups!


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