Motivation Monday: Do the Impossible



Before I start I want to give a small shout out to two people who helped me and Aaron achieve one of our ‘impossible’ dreams. Kelley McGough who stayed well past 9 pm working with us on paper work for our house and spent the entire days hunting down every property she could that might peak our interest, check her out if you happen to need a house in the bowling green area. Kelley Mcgough  . And then there was Deena Huff of Foreman Watson Land Title. She made the paperwork into a breeze and was genuine. You can learn about her here Foreman Watson Land Title. I plan to write a more in depth article about our experience but I want to thank them.

For as long as I can remember I spent my life in apartments. Sure I lived perhaps one year in a house, I was 16. For us, me it was one of those impossible dreams. To have a place where I could have that white picket fence (figuratively). I spent month after month shelling out 800 to apartments that eventually screwed me over and I suffered increased stress, depression and even anxiety every time an apartment manager wanted to “inspect”.

It’s not that I can’t keep a tidy home, but I couldn’t keep a perfect home. I no longer have to fear that they’d just waltz in on a bad day. I no longer have to worry about upstairs neighbours. Best of all achieving something this big reminds me that we can have impossible dreams, because they aren’t truly impossible.

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