Wednesday Wisdom: Your Path

By Damien Knight

How often do you pray? Every day, once a week? What are you praying for? Perhaps you have a big test and you want to pass? Do you pray then? To who? God? Or maybe just to your cats? And when you don’t pass is it then their fault? After all you prayed right?

The truth is no one can save you better than yourself. I won’t touch religion exactly today if ever on this blog. I won’t tell you not to pray or believe in your god/s what I will tell you is you cannot rely on prayer or magic alone. You must forge your path.
The Secret often talks of the law of attraction. In essence, it is thinking things into existence. Prayer is like that but what is thought without action. You can pray that you pass a test but without study you will fail. That is why today’s Wednesday Wisdom is:

I apologize for not having Follow Friday up last week and Motivational Monday. Keep Inspired!

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5 comments on “Wednesday Wisdom: Your Path

  1. BohoVoyage says:

    I’m a very spiritual person, and prayer is something meaningful to me. Thoughts can be extremely powerful, and when we sit and dump negative thoughts into the Universe it’s almost as if we’ve just created our own ‘pollution’. We have polluted our path with misery, with hate, with anger… so it’s no surprise when we find ourselves feeling trapped, and I find that this is when most people just sit down. They refuse to keep walking, they just sit in one place as if they are frozen by fear.
    Then they pray. They pray for an escape, they pray to be happy, they pray to pass a test, for this and for that… They pray blindly, they pray selfishly.
    When things are not given to us, it is not because we don’t deserve them, it is because we are not ready for them.
    If someone else picks us up, if someone else re-lights our path… what have we learned? Nothing, and after walking another mile and encountering another obstacle we will sit back down and wait for someone to save us, over and over.
    However, when we search in the darkness – when we decide to lean forward from our sitting position and reach our hands forward we will find the ground was there the entire time. When you find the courage to stand up, only then are you really ready to receive and continue on your journey.

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  2. rachaelstray says:

    Some interesting points here raised. I do pray but I do try to put my thoughts and words into action too.

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  3. Maria says:

    This is so precious! and I loved how subtle you were about faith and how you were able to talk about it without actually talking about religion!

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    • Faith is something so personal. I do not set out to destroy what makes people feel motivated or take their purpose. Religion and faith was created for that. I hope this inspires people to act on their thoughts. I thank you for stopping by 😀


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