Star Wars: The Last Jedi

A Movie Review


By Aaron Knapp

I am not a Star Wars purist by any means but I did not care for this movie.

SPOILERS AHEAD.  If you continue reading spoilers about the movie will be discussed.

Nothing got answered to my standard. I expected a Vader is your father moment, instead we get told Rey is a nobody. Many questions just did not get answered.  Snokes identity ignored, and Rey’s identity did not get answered. FN got his payback to a point and battled with Phantasma but even that was underwhelming.

The movie overall was too light-hearted for my taste, but for the new Star Wars fans this is the norm. The opening scene Luke just threw the light saber over his head, not cool. I figured he would just throw it down and walk off. I didn’t understand Luke’s death either, but maybe between the projection being surreal, and Luke being old it was time to move on with the force.

The movie was also chaotic. I wanted to yell at the screen “how do you know that? Why isn’t it going this way?” I hoped Maz Kanata was the hacker it would have made more sense. The casino scene was out of place. It was there just to get a new actor involved. I felt like the whole movie jumped around too much.

This being said 7 and 8 are much better than 1 and 2. I think Jar-Jar ruined the first three movies. I like that the force wasn’t named like 1 and 2 and the director gave a good scene describing to Rey how to use the force. There was supposed to be three lessons from Luke. We didn’t get all the lessons. Luke didn’t directly show Rey anything.

Other than the beginning and the ending thirty minutes it was a big filler movie. The time line in the film was a stretch.  Purist be warned the movie wasn’t made for you.  This movie over all was not bad, it felt like a stretch for Star Wars. The special effects were nice, and the light saber battles were nice. Daisy Ridley’s performance was awful this time, but again this was Luke’s movie not Rey’s.

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