By Damien Knight

Dare not read into every line,
No don’t examine each fine point
Each word that will defines
Is just another verse.

I the true death knight
Sit in my room and brood.
Do I have the right?
Has my sudden influx been rude?

But no I press forward
Aniya, I ever seek.
Do I use my shield or cut with sword.
Is my desires weak?

Come are you Sailor Mars?
Or another I once knew?
Have I left so many scars?
But I do love true.

And in so doing here you are
Led by my repeated verse.
Men can traverse the stars
But loneliness is Raven’s curse.

Your Damien, I am not he
Or am I? Even I don’t know
And that’s the tragedy.
Still give this stranger a go,

Fate brought you here to me
In my heart strained hour.
I can write pretty pleas
You inspired me to flower.

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