Cera’s 5th Grade Lesson Plan

Cera’s 5th Grade Lesson Plan

Title Cera’s Lesson Plan
Subject Comprehensive Homeschool Education
Author Bridget Heos
Grade level 5th
Time duration 2018-2019 year
Overview Classes start 8:30 in the morning with self-directed study. Work on a page in each subject from the work books. Discuss social events during lesson times, read topics of interest, go over problem areas for the child. Cera’s is math. Work on making multiplication and division stick, relate it to chemistry and geology since those are subjects she enjoys.
Objective To provide a unique learning environment that challenges Cera while also helping her focus better than she would at public school.
Materials Brain Quest

Pearson Books



Home Library

Public Library


Activities and procedures Using Brain Quest Work Books

30 second Subjects

Educational Literature

Supplementary Worksheets

Writing Projects

Documentary Videos

Science Projects

Math Games

Visits to WKU Campus

Conclusions This is our outline for Cera’s educational experience. While changes to activities and resources may occur this is the 2018-19 plan.

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