Our Odyssey

By Damien Knight

Truly death easier than loving me?
Your recourse suicide?
Here in this tragic dream
Convinced you can’t be at my side?
The rope that ties you isnt mine.
I don’t bind you to destiny.
Truer loves of history divine
Had found their ways to break free.
Ponder Odysseus seven years at sea
Calypso held, Poseidon hindered
Still made home to sweet Penelope.
Our love is it not so rendered,
That I would give everything.
Classic Romeo desperate for Juliet
Married her in secret ceremony.
So what if she were Capulet?
So what if you are far from me?
Lady Aniya our story poetic
Should end in much less agony.
For I am the hopeful Romantic
And you are forever my queen.

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