Only You

By Damien Knight

I have written since the first beat
My heart pained I paint the page.
Words flowed better than tears
Lady Mars wasted so many years.
The past behind, I know my love
You will stand at my side.
I have no doubt your loyalty
With confidence you catch my eye.
I remember the start I was so cautious
But I declared love in swift motion.
You, even more so said only you felt
It is enough with the tragic past I dealt.
Why do so many in coded tongue speak,
But you, I never had to hide my thoughts.
We swore complete and utter honesty
And honest there is only you for me.

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2 comments on “Only You

  1. Unknown says:

    Be happy that’s all I wish for you.


  2. Unknown says:

    Thanks for your help. I understood.


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