Shame: Journal Written in 2003

By Damien Knight

Shame, what is it? Shame is not a feeling one should feel towards oneself.

Do I feel ashamed of who I am? No, for me to feel like I would be forgetting the good in me. I am a sunny type person. I love to laugh. I laugh at my own silly mistakes. I love my personality, childlike, innocent, even though I have seen so much. I can be playful.

I may not feel shame, but I have remorse for my past actions. I have been wrong. In fact, I know when I’m wrong half the time. Even so, I am not ashamed of who I am.

I can show a million emotions. I feel things on a deeper level at times. I believe I am a beautiful person.

I still have some child like tendencies. I feel that remaining youthful even in my thirties has helped me keep up with my kids. I still feel no reason to be ashamed of who I am. Back then I wrote this, but I do not know if I believed it. Still now I am doing my best to live with a positive mindset. Everyone suffers. I am not alone in this. I will keep pushing on.

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