A Wicked Man (Oct 2013)

By Damien Knight

Never happy, never enough!
All I did was feed you love!
Am I so evil, so wicked still?
Does my face make you Ill?
I should do as you desire,
Since you reject my loves fire.
After all I’m such a man
So cruel and can’t understand
How you suffer so with this.
Here you deny me even a kiss!
Yet I have never truly left
Despite you leaving me bereft .
I pay your bills, buy your groceries
Yet you still are upset with me!
How do you think I feel?
My love treated like it isn’t real,
Hiding me away like we aren’t a thing.
Acting like I’m a casual fling
Cut me out from your family.
Yet you claim to want to marry me?
I don’t know what happened or why
But it feels like “we” are a lie.
It’s a harsh slap in the face!
You expect me to stay in this place?
Made to feel like shit, I do everything!
You just kept treating me like nothing.
It just never was enough
No matter how much I gave my love.

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