My Muse (Nov 2013)

By Damien Knight

If you want me
Come get me baby
If you need me
Just show me
Cuz I don’t play
At the end of the day
I have this to say
You want to stay
I’ll grab what I desire
Take on the fire
Know I ain’t a liar
I be all you require
Yeah I’ll take this
Trace you my finger tips
Caress you with a kiss
Bring you to bliss
To the edge of poetry
Endear you to me
That you never leave
Binding you set you free
To the razor of my emotions
Vast like the oceans
It’s romance in motion
A dance of devotion
I will it I want you
I speak only true
So decide my muse
What will you do?

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2 comments on “My Muse (Nov 2013)

  1. Unknown says:

    I want to write so much, but can’t write!
    “Take me with dignity”


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