Han’s Deli Korea

By Aaron Knapp

During my travels I had the opportunity to go to Korea. A small company started a deli in Korea.  The place had many foods on its menu. Only one food interested me. 

Door to the Deli

I walked through the small street and found the little deli near the end of the road. They advertised many entrees.  Hamburger steak, noodles, and a mixture of fries, all were on a special that day.  I did not want any of those.  What interested me was the pork cutlet.  I saw it written in Korean, and I knew what donkatsu was in Japan.  It sounded similar but spelled differently tonkatsu.


I entered the store after going up the steps and behold Han’s Deli.  It’s a medium-large size restaurant for Korea. Many sizable cities here have one.  My local one was no exception. The tellers spoke English well.  After you tell them what table you want you give them your order.

English Menu

I knew what I wanted. I told the gentleman I wanted the pork and a soda in broken Korean.  After a few minutes the server gave me my food and offered silver wear in a serve yourself fashion.  The table with the silver wear had kimchi, small dishes, and napkins for you to use.  I got my utensils, and my cup for the soda, then sat back down.  I finished my food and it was delicious.


The place is affordable at the price of about 9 dollars, it was money well spent. If you don’t mind going a bit out your way for a quick bite to eat, and a patient atmosphere, Han’s Deli can be worth your time in Korea.

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