To Tiffany (Nov 18 2016)

By Damien Knight

Dedicated to Tiffany Turner. My little sister who is a chronic liar and a bigot.

It’s hilarious how my life affects you
How threatened you are by my existence
You thought it was cute, share a post
Tag me and dead name me all in pretense
Act like we best friends and it’s ok
Fuck you I made clear my name is Damien!
A fiery pit of rage and stay the hell away
Post a stupid buzzfeed post with my dead name
Six months ago you accused me of unspeakable things
It’s like you have absolutely zero shame
Even you don’t do enough meth to be such an idiot
It’s so tragic how you act, short a few crayons
You had everything, a brother who loved you
Disrespected me and my identity as a man
Pretty, smart and artistically gifted
Common sense just isn’t in your wheel house
Guess that makes sense, you barely graduated
Because you spent all your time in a crackhouse
Your idiocy, dear, is your own fault
I didn’t do a thing but support you
You crave attention and my existence
Is not the cross to hang your insanity
Don’t ever act nice again on pretense
Said before and I say again, I despise you
Your lies, your personality, your malignment of me
Stay away from me and from all that is mine
Stay away, I disown you, you are not family

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