The Seer’s Oracle

By Damien Knight

Do you think it possible?
Does your heart doubt?
Know that I desire to speak.
Lovely flower, I live without.
Your stature doesn’t match your fire.
I saw you, slender hand in my own.
Hair dark and thick like basalt.
I would not dare leave alone,
Princess, don’t ask me to abandon you.
You run, my vision, you flee from me.
Embracing fear of shame, embarrassed.
The structures your bound soul, not free.
Caged, complicated, the wood buildings
Chaotic but not indestructible, my dear
In the rainbow crystal balls I saw the seer
The seer knows, look in, don’t fear
Stare into the glow of the seer’s bowl
Will the society around you let you bloom?
“Take her in your arms,” he spoke.
If only I could, I would erase your gloom.

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