Monday Motivation: We All Are on The Path Part 1

By Damien Knight

In life we all are taking “The Path.” It might not be the same path, but we are on the path of life. When we walk this path together, we must remember to embrace those we love and not force our way down the path. Forcing instead of walking the path leaves us hampered spiritually. We become bitter, controlling we lose our flow.


Our flow is the flow of the cosmos. We are star dust. Our will is mixed with the will of the cosmos. Think how wonderful this is. The entire universe and here we are looking out the universe pondering itself.


Live in harmony with your path. This is your life, the way you choose. Do not fear making mistakes. Walking life we are bound to make mistakes. It is just the way life is, make mistakes and learn from them.


Don’t harbor regrets. Mistakes are a natural part of life. You can’t look back with regret on the path you could have taken. Only move forward on the path you are on. Freedom along the path is freedom to make mistakes. We learn and keep walking the path.


The path of life is one that can lead to forgiveness. Forgiving yourself and forgiving others. We do not forgive others for their sake but for our own. The path you walk, the choices you make they are yours. There is no normal path, no right path it is your path.


Life can feel neurotic, but does it have to be? The focus on your given path is to help better yourself. The point is to become less neurotic and where you wish to be. It has to be you; the world won’t do it for you. You focus your intent, you make your path and then the world around you reacts to that intent.


Life is a gift embrace it. Walk your path, embrace it and as always stay motivated!

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