Bucket List 2003 With 2018 Update

By Damien Knight

What 25 things do you I want to accomplish before I die?

2003 List:

  1. Learn Spanish: I have been working on this via Duolingo.
  2. Graduate High School: I did it!
  3. Graduate College: Working on it.
  4. Learn to play bass guitar.
  5. Learn to snowboard.
  6. See the Amazon.
  7. Visit China
  8. Learn Chinese: Been working on this as well.
  9. Learn Hungarian No longer super important to learn but if I do cool.
  10. Visit Hungary
  11. Go Surfing: Started trying, we got a short board done some.
  12. Sky dive
  13. Ski
  14. Visit Universal Studios
  15. Have Kids (or adopt). We have 2 now
  16. Get married (So I can have kids and be with my soul mate.) I got married.
  17. Ride a motor cycle.
  18. Publish books: I got one.
  19. Be in the mission field. Unless I am out doing actual good I will never do mission work. What kind of man hands starving people bibles?
  20. Climb Mount Everest
  21. Eat a fried grass hopped (just to see what it tastes like.) I DID IT!
  22.  Water Ski
  23. Go deep sea fishing.
  24. Swim with a dolphin
  25. Read the whole bible. Done It!

2018 List:

  1. Continue to learn Spanish
  2. Graduate College
  3. Learn/Practice Electric Guitar
  4. Learn Bass Guitar
  5. Snowboard
  6. See the Amazon
  7. Visit China
  8. Continue to learn Chinese
  9. Visit Hungary
  10. Learn to surf
  11. Sky dive
  12. Ski
  13. Visit Universal Studios
  14. Ride a motor cycle
  15. Pet a tiger
  16. Republish my book.
  17. Climb mount Everest
  18. Get doctorates in Paleontology
  19. Water ski
  20. Go deep sea fishing
  21. Swim with a dolphin
  22. Visit every state in the USA.
  23. Go to Disney
  24. Visit Japan and Korea
  25. Go to Greece

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