By Damien Knight

How can I appease your mental suffering?
Do I feign a role, no I am no prince! I am king.
Yet, it is a constant lie, a game we play.
Back and forth, forth and back, what do I say?
I won’t run, I refuse to give in to fear.
Instead I stand strong, will you my dear?
You ask repeated my feelings, my affections
In return I keep up the redirections.
If I dared to say I loved you
Oh forgive me darling, yes it’s true.
Love we said is selfless, selflessly I care.
Every act of concern I’m there,
In your thoughts and so you return to me.
Looking for him in every written piece
I keep encouraging you to leave,
I do all I can to set you free.
I won’t give up on my visions, the dreams I seek
I’ll throw my threads for the one I speak.
My heart is held hostage to her that I see
And when I find her, my heart will be free!

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