Lessons Learned for Traveling

By Aaron Knapp

I have done traveled around the USA and abroad. Here are tips I have learned along the way.

1. Give yourself plenty of time to catch a flight. Nothing sucks worse than being stuck in a traffic jam trying to get to the airport. Plus, most airports with some planning can be fun if you have extra time to spend in them.
2. Travel light as possible. If only 1 carry-on is needed, do you really need that 30-inch travel hard back suitcase? Do you need an umbrella, Hairdryer, shampoo, or deodorant if you can buy it later or it’s provided by the hotel?
3. Speaking of luggage either get luggage that is not all black or put something like a luggage band around your suitcase for identifying it later.
4. Check that you have your ID with you before you leave for the airport. This sounds silly, but they will need this at security.
5. Speaking of stuff you need, have a copy of your printed itinerary or download the app for your airlines.
6. After you get your printed boarding pass put your checked baggage ticket on the back of it. Ask the flight attendant if you can use a stapler to put your tickets together. This keeps all the documents together and tickets neat.
7. Put your wallet and phone in your carry-on luggage before you get to security. Make sure they are in a lockable area of your carry-on. This is better so someone can’t just lift your phone or wallet at security. The little bowls are too easy for thieves to just lift your stuff.
8. After you get through security, find your gate either by app or a screen at the airport. If you’re waiting in a long line, use your phone to find the gate at the airport before security. Use the app from above or the airports departures. Lots of times the airport will have a basic site layout online or on the app.
9. Go to your gate, then find the bathroom or get food. Unless you know the layout of your airport, find your gate before you lift off is easier than having to run later.
10. Bring an empty water bottle and use it later. Many airports have drinking fountains and many with the new fill-able water bottle fountains.
11. Set an alarm if you’re riding a bus or train and it makes several stops along the way. This way you have an alarm to warn you of approaching your stop. Sometimes we fall asleep and nothing is worse than falling asleep and having to back track.
These are the tricks and tips I hope you enjoyed and find them helpful. Happy Travels!

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