Johnny Rockets: An American Treat

By Aaron Knapp

In August I went to the Daegu Aquarium for a weekend. I got hungry and went to eat. I was hanging out inside the large mall where the Aquarium is at. I went to the food court near the bottom of the Dongdaegu Transfer Mall. Inside the food court is the Johnny Rockets restaurant. With all the other food options in this area, this hamburger establishment stands out.


Aside from the burger joint there was a sushi belt, a bakery, Korean and Indian food. I choose the Johnny Rockets. This Johnny Rockets is a made to order fast food type restaurant, and at the end you get an electronic pager for your order. I sat down after ordering my Johnny Rockets single and fries; I put my electronic pager on the table in front of me. After a short wait time my pager went off, I picked up my order by presenting the cashier my pager. I put my food on my table and ate. At this restaurant the cashier can bring your food or you can pick it up yourself.

The cashier put smiley face with ketchup and my burger had a little pick in to show the temperature of the burger. The burger wasn’t bad, and neither were the fries. The good thing about this location is the cashier understood English. They were appreciative when I picked up my order. For a quick sit down American style restaurant in Korea, Johnny Rockets is not a bad place to eat at. In all, nice quick bite to eat at and a nice mall to be at.

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One comment on “Johnny Rockets: An American Treat

  1. vivianywt says:

    I had Johnny Rockets in Korea too, although I ate the one in Seoul. Really delicious and huge portions!


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