Jayson’s 7th Grade Lesson Plan

Jayson’s Lesson Plan

Comprehensive Home-school Education

Damien Knight

Grade level:

Time duration:

2019-2020 year


Classes start 8:30 in the morning with self-directed study. Work on a page in each subject from the work books. Discuss social events during lesson times, read topics of interest, go over problem areas for the child. Jayson’s is writing and literature. We will put emphasis on his writing prompts and reading the college literature texts. He will also now be undergoing a language study and coding class.

To provide a unique learning environment that provides for Jayson’s unique learning style while also being challenging.


Khan Academy
Google School
Scratch Coding
Duolingo Learning Japanese
Assorted Workbooks
Pearson Books
Home Library
Public Library

Activities and procedures:

Using Various Work Books
30 second Subjects
Educational Literature
Supplementary Worksheets
Writing Projects
Documentary Videos
Science Projects
Math Games
Visits to WKU Campus


This is our outline for Jayson’s educational experience. While changes to activities and resources may occur this is the 2019-20 plan.

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