Silence 5-7-5 (haiku)

Silence is wiser
Than opening your mouth wide
Uttering fools hope

5 comments on “Silence 5-7-5 (haiku)

  1. in silent shade the shadow fades…

    sorry felt inspired. I am busy prepping for my senior year of college.

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    • ah never fade the light is not but I try to fade. I try to stay simple quiet but my will is strong and ego will not permit me to be so.

      my wish is you to be at peace. happy and safe


    • you speak kind and thoughtful things a mind filled with memory. you think of him while I selfish think only of my poetry.

      Writing verse after verse no real focus than to call for her… No to also express my joys and agonies. And essay after essay, line after line no matter I’m still just walking motions of reality.

      I rather dream and find Sora here with me.

      As I am sure you’d rather things went oh so differently. be happy for it does not do well to dream and forget reality.


    • love fades and glows, waxes and wanes and sometimes dies entirely. But mine for the dream ever lives.

      does your fire burn? I am not the judge of your heart for him. Only that for me I been to busy to even dream much less pursue love I can’t even sit and write


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