The Audacity! Imagine My Surprise When…

Back in 2011 I published what I had believed was the final draft of my novel Aldaria Chronicles: Hope for an Era. I had worked on it for five years. I had edited it to death. It was sufficient.

Sufficient is not perfect, and my novel still was more a novella than a novel. It had gaping holes in the story. It had missing plot points, and characters that were under-developed. The writing was worse than the first twilight novel. Overall, I turned out a subpar, barely good action fantasy novel.

Due to my personal distaste for the novel, I unpublished it and pulled it from the market. I discontinued print in 2013.  I revised and ordered prints and after reading over the prints I kept revising and am still in that process.

Imagine my surprise when I searched for my novel on Amazon and learned that there were 2 listings for it. One claims to be a new copy!! I sold copies through my old Aldaria Chronicles website, but only friends and family bought those. WHO HAS A NEW COPY? AND WHY ARE THEY SELLING IT FOR 1000 BUCKS? 

I put years and tears into that novel and I never seen a dime in royalties when the book was on the market. If it sold through CreateSpace, I did not sell enough to receive money.

I have never been so shocked in my life at the price someone would charge for a book I sold for 10 bucks when I first published. I don’t even know what to think. This being said, I am now feverishly finishing up edits on my novel. No more delays. I want my actual vision out there!

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