Tiptastic Tuesday: How to Make a Holiday Wreath

By Damien Knight

To make this wreath, you will need:

One dollar store flower wood wreath. We used a red flower wreath.

Two of the dollar store Poinsettia Clips

One large dollar store bow. We used a red and green plaid bow.
Three feet of dollar store garland. We used a green snow powdered garland.
Two of the Eight-inch dollar store holiday picks.
Hot Glue Gun.

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My Favourite Work Of Art

By Damien Knight

My favourite work of art is Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. I have loved Van Gogh’s art since 3rd grade when Ms. Denny read a story on his life. I felt I could personally connect with his traumatic life.
I love the dark blue colours of this painting streaked with bright stars swirling the sky. Those swirling stars are like wind swept lights of hope through the dark blue of my depression. I feel hope when I see this painting.

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Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Everyday Trans-man: Personalities Of Dysphoria


Hi I am Damien Skye Knight Aka Raven/ Koraki. This is Comic 3 of Everyday Trans-Man


Dysphoria has become this dirty word in the trans community. This is the face of my dysphoria.


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My Opinion on Theater

 By Damien Knight

I have read many plays and acted in a few including a production that my father wrote for church. I do not believe a good play has to have a traditional linear story. Some stories work well with flashback scenes or starting at the end then going back and then returning to the end scene. These sorts of story lines are more difficult but very captivating. A linear story line is the simplest method of telling a story and can keep an audience on track but if not done right can also seem trite.

Most plays I have seen lasted two hours. This seems like the ideal length for a play. It can be shorter but any shorter than an hour would seem like a skit and not a full play. The best plays can be on various topics such as “Steel Magnolias” which is inspired by the strength of southern women, or “Midsummer’s Night’s Dream” where the story is about unrequited love’s reversal due to fairy pranks. These both performed on the stage have a great flow of dialogue essential for a good play. Within moments reading the script you know who the characters are and what the dilemma is.

I have a love of theater and a great play requires an unexpected turn of events and when I performed as Pontius Pilot in the Easter play my father wrote I personally believe I acted in the greatest play I ever had. The retelling linear and the crowed chants crucify him. Pontius washes his hands but the twist was the man we follow as the main character is not Jesus but the thief he forgives. For me, the most important element a playwright should consider is keeping the audience interested.

Stone Jewelry Bracelet

By Damien Knight

I have shared my paintings but it is not the only art I do. I also tumble rocks and fit them onto jewelry. I am not professionally trained in Lapidary but I enjoy making  beautiful pieces from stone. This piece was a favoured one that I no longer have. A beautiful Agate (I think) set on a bracelet I sold this piece over a year ago.


My daughter and I still tumble and make jewelry. Our next project is emeralds.


We also do amethysts and other stones. If you all like this piece I will share a few of the others as well.

Colourfest Painting

By Damien Knight

I have not painted in over a year to be honest. With studies, work and house hunting time just hasn’t been there. Sharing all my art inspired me to bust some finger paints and paint. My kids and I each did one. This one is mine I have called it Colourfest.