About Aaron

By Aaron Knapp

Hello, I am Aaron. I work long 12-14 hour days. In my free time I take pictures, play video games on PC, and watch anime. I do not watch a lot of tv as I do not have cable. I currently travel for work and will try to write travel blogs when my jobs require me to travel. This is my first time participating in a blog. I never thought about what to do for one until somebody suggested I do travel food blogs, suggesting that people may want to try places that they find on blogs. I also have traveled to Japan and Korea. These locations came about from luck and checking dates on travel sites. I wish I could find more, and maybe someone can message me about sites that are low cost, so I can do more travel blogs.

(Side note from Damien on Aaron. He is awesome. My partner takes amazing photos. He loves to travel and collects ball jointed dolls. His favourite animals are wolves and owls and he had the awesome opportunity to go to an owl café in Japan. I hope to convince him to write about that experience.)


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Aaron and Owl


About Damien

Hi, I am Damien, a 31-year-old trans-male. I am the one the kids refer to as “oto-san” meaning father in Japanese. I live with my family in a small apartment and a zoo of cats. Writing is my passion, and I have written a fantasy novel. I also enjoy cooking, hiking, travel, art, video games and martial arts. I am currently attending college at WKU. My field of study is Geology. My ultimate goal is to be a paleontologist and run a Family Alpaca Farm. Thank-you for stopping by.


Getting ready to cook. 2014

Wow time for an update. I am 32 now and live in a 4 bedroom house. The rest hasn’t changed.

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About The Shade of Science, Jayson

Hi, I am Jayson, a funny, strong and smart 10-year-old boy. I am an avid gamer, and will write a lot about that. I live in an apartment with my Dad, Otosan, and little sister. I am home-schooled at the Knapp family School. My favorite subjects is math, art and science. The best thing about school is how fun chemistry is but it is hard. I also like recess, which lasts at least an hour. After school I like to play video games. My favorite video game is Minecraft. My other hobbies are Baseball, Martial arts, drawing, and coloring. Feel free to follow us on Patreon. Well, that’s all, folks.



Jayson 2016


About Shadow Mermaid Cera

Hello, I am Cera, a cute, fun and huggable 8-year-old girl. I live in an apartment with my Daddy, Otosan, and my silly older brother. We also have 6 cats, and a bunny. While I love all animals, my favorite are foxes. I am home-schooled at the Knapp family school. I love art, chemistry and of course recess. I’m currently in third grade, it is a lot of fun. After school I like to play, draw and color. I love to go on adventures and enjoy collecting rocks. Anyway, that’s me the youngest in the Shadow’s Lair family. Follow us at Patreon.


Cera wearing her own shirt.