My Mother Bought Figurines

Hey blog followers I have a question, my mom bought Asian Inspired figures and she wants to know where they might be inspired from. Below are the pictures. Where do you all think they are from? Leave a comment and let us know.

Risks or Safety?

By Damien Knight

Today’s prompt asks, do you prefer to take risks or have a safety net? I am a risk taker. I love adventure and consider myself to be an adrenaline junkie. I thrive on high emotions. So while I am obsessed with schedule and timelines, I hate planning trips. It’s so much more fun being spontaneous!

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Diary Entry Writing Prompt 10 Years Later

Oct 7 2028

Dear Journal,

I’ve reached 42 and it’s October I love October. I admit I did not know if I’d make it this far. Finally got top surgery and my B.S. in Geology. Masters degree was hard earned too.

I will be working on my doctrates soon. I took a break because I was in school my kids entire lives. My son is turning 23 soon. My daughter is 19. I can start my studies along side them, I am still young after all.

– Damien Knight

My Favourite Ways to Spend a Lazy Day

By Damien Knight

I like to spend lazy days playing video games, sleep and write. I use to play League of Angels all the time, Skyrim is still my favourite. Play MMO’s and RPG’s, they are a great way to escape reality for a few hours. You just go fight dragons, save Tamriel it’s great. Video games and story writing are methods of escape where I can be a hero, a villain or both. That’s how I spend a lazy day.

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