A Doll Story : Indigo

By Aaron

I recently acquired a new girl. This is her arrival story. I will use Holly(H), Sumire (S), and new girl Ai Indigo(I).

Me: Why is there two boxes at the door?
H: Remember the girl we asked you to get us? She came today silly.
Me: Right I forgot, shew I’m glad I didn’t have to go pick them up at the post office, as my car is in the shop.
H: Well, get over here and help me out.
Me: Let me go get scissors or something.
H: Oh, you came back with “Scissors?!”
Me: Go ahead.
H: Okay!!!
Rustling sound.
Me: Wait no you… Ok let me help you finish.
The first box was opened.
H: What now, senpai?
Me: We open the box.
H: I don’t think there’s anything pink in here.
Toss. Toss.

Me: No, Holly I don’t think there’s anything “pink” in there.
H: Ohhh! I found kitty ears, I like her already.
Me: You look nice I will get our new friend out of her box.
Snip, snip, snip
Me: Ok, Holly here’s our new friend.
“New girl cries”
H: What’s wrong?
I: My hair wasn’t put in my box with me, and you have hair.
H: Sumire! Can you help our new friend?
S: Sure, here, it was in the other box with all her stuff.
I: Er, my umm legs are a little dark, and my face is a mess. I hope you understand.
H: Don’t worry my leg doesn’t move correctly, now after my trip on the big metal bird.
H: Don’t worry, um I didn’t get your name, your face looks fine, what ever it is we can fix it, I’m sure.
I: Ai Miyazaki, Indigo, everybody calls me Indigo.
H: Cool, Indigo we are going to do a little family photo you in.
I: Err, umm SURE! Who’s the girl in the pink dress.
H: It’s Akemi. We’re a bunch of misfit dolls, but we have fun going all over the place, and playing dress up, and getting our pictures taken.

My Trip to Senso-Ji Temple

Written By
Aaron Knapp

After waiting a lifetime, the day finally came. The night before I returned to my one room tatami lined floor with a futon and pillow for a good night’s sleep. I set my alarm clock for seven o’clock in the morning. I woke up early the morning of my adventure to the sound of honking from a nearby passing car. It was only six fifteen. Since I was already up, I brushed my teeth and got ready. With my camera in tow, I locked my door, and was on my way. I walked the mandatory 15 minutes to Minami-Senju station my nearest mode of transport. I would have taken the bus, but they needed correct change, and I already had plans to get a small breakfast at the seven eleven nearby. I put 500 yen on my Suica, the public transit card, for the day, and I was on my way.


Pigeons in Japan

After a short crowded trip on the Tsukuba Express, I was at my destination. Since it was early in the morning I had the grounds of Senso-Ji temple to myself. As Senso-Ji temple was getting work done, Hondo was my main objective. The Hondo is the main hall building.


Kaminarimon, the thunder gate.

After an enlightened reflection I was back off to my self-guided tour of the grounds. This early in the morning shops are closed, but you could observe art on the closed shops. The grounds were calm and quiet. Unlike times in which most tourists visit the grounds.




Art work on shops.

This trip was one for giving thanks for coming to Japan, and to give thanks to things in the past. I enjoyed my little adventure to Senso-Ji and look forward to returning sometime soon.