Sora’s Art

By Damien Knight

Her sketch pad in hand She draws
Her eyes squinted with concentration
Her obsedian hair obscures her view
I watch the pen on the paper in aw

A sporty white dress painted her
Every curve in view of my eyes
Her giggle like a bell rings out
Cat like eyes back at me so sure

“It’s you.” she whispers holding the page
Filled with drawings of my family
She standing with us in every scene
With dialogue like a play for stage

“A story board?” I muse a sigh
She packs the book into her gym bag
Glance at the trees in the park around us
It all fades, a dream another lie

My Favourite Work Of Art

By Damien Knight

My favourite work of art is Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. I have loved Van Gogh’s art since 3rd grade when Ms. Denny read a story on his life. I felt I could personally connect with his traumatic life.
I love the dark blue colours of this painting streaked with bright stars swirling the sky. Those swirling stars are like wind swept lights of hope through the dark blue of my depression. I feel hope when I see this painting.

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Van Gogh’s Starry Night

What is Art?

By: Damien Knight      Art has so many definitions; each person who views a work of “Art” defines it differently. What is art? Art is the interpretation of a person’s individual reality. Since reality is how we see the world then should not art be the sharing of how we see it? Is not art the interpretation of it?       I have stated in prior writings that reality is what we make it to be to some…

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Stone Jewelry Bracelet

By Damien Knight

I have shared my paintings but it is not the only art I do. I also tumble rocks and fit them onto jewelry. I am not professionally trained in Lapidary but I enjoy making  beautiful pieces from stone. This piece was a favoured one that I no longer have. A beautiful Agate (I think) set on a bracelet I sold this piece over a year ago.


My daughter and I still tumble and make jewelry. Our next project is emeralds.


We also do amethysts and other stones. If you all like this piece I will share a few of the others as well.