Heartless (2017)

you haunt my dreams
I try to escape you
It wasn’t easy to up and leave
I cried, ached, screamed it’s true
My soul was dying, letting go
Leaving the one I loved so much
You were part of my soul, it wasn’t easy
To know we may lose touch
I’ll be another face in the crowd
I had to fiegn easy
Fake that this didn’t hurt
Kill the urge ever inside me
To message I love you every morning
Like I use to when it was “us”
It hurts to pretend it never was
You think otherwise but it does
So why carry on like it was nothing?
Acknowledging what we once were
Hurts so much more than this
And that’s why I act heartless

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Like ice she leaves me cold, lonely
Filled with a despair when I remember
I am always stand by, back up
Certain she was talking to other men
Only to return when they leave
I swallow, cold, erect my walls
She broke the contract long ago
I won’t give her my heart
My head reasons away emotion
She faked such devotion
With false affections I mistrust
Every return she makes to me
When will I accept the truth
That I’m miserable with you

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Heartbroken Dreams

By Damien Knight

I fade away into my sheets
My fragile heart clenched to chest
I dispair, Aniya, we’ll never meet
Tonight the raven must rest

I will lay against tear stained pillows
Her name a ghost upon my lips
Never got the dream of hello
Nor did I feel her finger tips

Mother says be patient my boy
And perhaps I should, but Aniya I ache!
And I despise feeling like a toy
It’s my fault I feel such heartbreak

This crow sleeps with prayer on his tongue
That she still wants him around
But I’m to blame I said I was done
But she’s the best love I’ve ever found!

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By Damien Knight

I dry the tears from my stained eyes
Weary of the myraid of lies.
You wrote so many pretty tales
But that ship had long set sail.
Unhappy lullabyes, your siren song
Of all the ways I done you wrong.
I will not care for you anymore
You burned the bridge, slammed the door.
Don’t come crying to me Sailor Mars
When he doesn’t help you reach the stars
When he leaves you an empty shell,
I won’t be there as well.
My love is spent, friendship gone
I should have listened all along.
My fair maiden with the peridot eyes
Has not wished upon me my demise.
She has called me her love and king
I have called her my everything.
It is easy to make my choice
I love she who has the honey tea voice.
Fair well, to god with you, adeu
I want nothing more to do.with you!

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Damien Knight

Like the pheonix I rise

I won’t give into false love

The fire in my eyes

I stand a league above

You thought you pinned me

I won’t wear the collar

Thought we could agree

But I like me better

As a man alone, strong

Not played by your game

your strategy is wrong

And I’ll refuse the blame

Out of the ashes of lies

I embrace my heart

Like the pheonix I rise

No longer torn apart

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Broken Man

By Damien Knight

Inside I claw at the walls
of the cage I built by hand
My skin crawls the images
Of this old broken man

All I ever wanted was love
to give my heart away
all I wanted was to be there
I wanted her to stay

I ache to let her near me
and try so hard to get close
thought this was a soul mate
not another almost

Swallowing my pride
I have to let it go
cuz time, space, and distance
has no room for love to grow

This ice cold heart
is locked back in its vault
If any is to blame
this is all my fault

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Heart ripped from my breast
I know I wasn’t the best
Obsessive, selfish, and lost
Now I’m paying the cost
Of being overbearing
And constantly wearing
Out your nerves
Forgive me, seems you love her
But slowly my heart
Tears me apart
Then falls unbeating
Wake me, I’m dreaming
Goodnight, goodnight, my death
This is my last breath
So, say au revoir
I must run far
Sleep deep and wake
With a new uptake
Embrace my name
No more games
I wake no longer apart
I become Blackheart

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