Vengeance Will Be Mine

By Damien Knight

I could scream with the hatred that builds in me
I could cut the throat of the one I hate
But what would that bring me
He’s already dead, I was too late
I can feel pity for the one who does not earn It
I do still burn with passion for him
But I’d rather not have bull-shit
So, I must un-love him
For men who only care about themselves
Whose egos make them oblivious
Should die and rot in hell
I hope one day you taste deaths kiss
And never make it back
I unattach my heart and eyes
For self-love I do not lack
And with your dying breath I expose your lies

Desperation is Folly: A reflection on a failed relationship

By Damien Knight

(Written 2012)

I was insecure, desperate, uncertain and conflicted, I was many terrible things t strong man who “masters” himself is not. I have grown in the past few months learned don’t need a girl to justify my manhood. I need me to justify my manhood.

Maybe my failure was due to a lack of healthy romantic relations in the past (both with men and women), or perhaps it was my high expectations and thinking I would get it right the first try. Either way, I am sure I reeked of my insecurity and that is the biggest turnoff to anyone.

I should have reacted with strength and not pity myself. I have a long way to go before I feel comfortable being called “Master” of anything. At least I will keep learning.

Love’s Cost

By Damien Knight

Every word said
Bet it makes ya mad
You’re not in my bed
Every scream had
Know for me
I lose no sleep
You might plea
But I do not weep
For what we were
I moved on baby
It is her I prefer
You lost me
And that’s ok
Cuz ya not alone
I use to pray
For sins to atone
But I to lost
You so long ago
Alas love’s cost
Is that we let go