Motivation Monday: Live in the Present

By Damien Knight

A lot of us are focused on our first week of New Year’s resolutions. The thing we often forget while working for goals is that we must live at the moment. Take advantage of the new day! Tomorrow’s worry is for tomorrow.

Goals must be taken in steps. One of my main goals to lose weight for surgery can’t be done by rushing. Worrying about tomorrow won’t get me done with today. Today I must make sure I eat right and exercise. Each new day is a blank slate to work on our goals. Embrace that new day!



Stay Motivated Friends.

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Motivation Monday: Shed Your Past.


“Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again.” -Gautama Buddha

Todays motivation Monday is don’t let the past hang you up. It’s hard to do and everyday I fight but the secret is not to dwell on the negative. Look forward to the future and as The Buddha has said “shed” your past.

-Damien Knight