My Light (Written Dec 25 2011)

Takes time to heal
Slowly I feel better
The pain is difficult
after years of angry living
to try to live in love
alas I was born to this bleak world
Dark all around forced to find
my own hidden light
with that dear friends
Have a happy holiday
and a good night

Tiptastic Tuesday: How to Make a Holiday Wreath

By Damien Knight

To make this wreath, you will need:

One dollar store flower wood wreath. We used a red flower wreath.

Two of the dollar store Poinsettia Clips

One large dollar store bow. We used a red and green plaid bow.
Three feet of dollar store garland. We used a green snow powdered garland.
Two of the Eight-inch dollar store holiday picks.
Hot Glue Gun.

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The Year I got Cat Litter for Christmas

By Damien Knight

Some Christmases stick out in memory better than others. Maybe they stand out because of the gifts or perhaps just because of things that happen that year.  For me it was Christmas in Germany that I can never forget. It was there that we as a family we started so many traditions. I was about 10 or 11.

That December we had all asked for pets for Christmas. I had sent Saint Nick a letter myself asking for a cat. That night my sisters and I plotted to stay up and catch Saint Nick and make sure we go our pets. I never caught Santa in the act because next I remember was my mom calling for us.

I stumbled out bleary-eyed in pink pajamas. My long blonde hair a ratted mess. I could hear mom yelling at the dog.

“No! Bad Ralph!”

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Follow Friday: Happy Holidays!

By Damien Knight

December moved fast and Social Saturday will once more not happen. Tomorrow the Lair Family will be visiting extended family. In the meantime you can look forward to Story Sunday where I post “The Year I got Cat Litter for Christmas”. Also here is a link to the Shadow Lair Children Unwrapping Christmas Gifts. Shadow Lair Christmas!
and Christmas Part 2. Thanks for following.

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Motivational Monday: Christmas Trees

By Damien Knight

Every year on the 15th of December my father, a short man, would go out and pick a live tree that often was 2 feet taller than he was. He would proudly haul this tree up four flights of stairs and into the apartment. The pine smelt amazing, and you could tell our father worked hard to pick the best tree.

My favourite tree was the one he hauled up those stairs, got it to the door, and in the house only to stand it up and it didn’t fit. We had to trim the top it was so tall. While I have never purchased a live tree, I cherished those memories and know Christmas is a time of celebration. Happy Yule, Merry Christmas, and a Cheerful Holiday to all my readers this year!

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By Damien Knight 
Soft is the snow fall

Warm is the fire roasted nuts

Joy is Christmas eve


We await santa

Hopeful that we have been good

And he leaves a treat


Our stockings are full

Our tree a glow against snow

Gifts passed all around


In the summer heat

It is Christmas I long for

When carolers sing

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Snow Day

I sit thinking of how far I have been
And wonder where I will go.
I gaze out the window
To see the dusting snow.
It paints the landscape gracefully
With its winter chill
Such a beautiful season
The land is soft and still
I see the children playing
A snowman on the lawn
The cat is by the fire
Outstretched it gives a yawn
The tree is decorated
With lights, bobbles, and bells
Presents underneath it
the house, a sugar cookie smell
I curl upon the sofa
My lover is by my side
Carolers are singing joyously
The song wafting from outside
I breath in all around me
And I feel the season joy
All my senses inundated
And I am like an eager little boy
Waiting for santa on the eve
Wanting to see reindeer
And what is in the sleigh
Hope he carries more snow for me