Tiptastic Tuesday: Toilet Paper Pumpkins

By Damien Knight

With Halloween fast approaching I want to share this quick and easy craft you can do with your kids.

What you need:

Orange Felt

Green Felt

A toilet Paper roll


Permanent Marker

Brown paper


Cut a square of orange felt. Wrap toilet paper in the felt. Roll brown paper for stem, stick it in the center of the roll. Cut green felt into leaf shape. Tuck in green felt. Use permanent marker to draw any Jack O’ Lantern face on it.

The great part of this project is you can use glue but don’t need to. This way if you need the toilet paper you can just remove the felt.


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Tiptastic Tuesday

By Damien Knight

Ever wanted to make a lollypop stand. Purchase a cheap clay pot. Paint it any color you like. Fit it with a Styrofoam ball (you can glue it in if you wish) . Insert Lolly’s of your choice. Also if you like that crafty idea check 42 Craft Ideas.


Found on meetthedubiens.com