Blood Bliss (Nov 1, 2009)

This poem is ancient. I wrote it so long ago that I found it not on facebook or computer files but in a note book near a drawing of my 10 year old daughter as a baby! It’s a sort of depressed creepy fantasy vampire poem. Makes me wonder what else is tucked away in notebooks.

If it rained blood
I knew someone died
If it fell on me
I wouldn’t cry

If it rained wine
I wouldn’t care
Heck that be divine
But it rains blood

It pours from the sky
Makes earth a living hell
Covers every inch
And pools in the drinking well

I lower the bucket
To take in a drink
Absorbing life from horror
I stand at the brink

Of what is good and evil
Yet, like other men
I’ll do what I please
I follow my own command

But I’m not fit for happiness
Destruction is my joy
blood becomes my bliss
I will wake in sorrow again

Deaths Door

By Damien Knight

All around me I see
Decaying forms wretched bodies
Of things vile walking toward, me
Creatures of darkness
From the depths of night
Things that belong to Death himself
They have come for me
To take me with them
I scream freighted
Knowing my doom comes
And I am at its door
Knocking unwillingly

Dark Angel

By “Ayana Kanosis”

Out of the darkness
Into the light
Tell me my demon
Of the night
Can you feel the rage,
The unbearable pain
Of this animal
That I became?
Are you so certain
That I am unlike you
An angel, a guardian,
Of the good and the true
My clothing so dark
My smile so bright
Are you so certain
I am an angel of light
I have no lightness
In this weary heart
With you I am happy
As long as It’s dark

Danse Macabre

By Damien Knight

All ye dead
Let’s arise
We will dance
We will jive
Dance in the night
Upon our grave
Dance of death
Lures peasant and nave
Knights and lords
Will die this day
For death has come
To steal them away
Young and old
Will dance this dance
Go join them
Don’t miss your chance
Oh Danse Macabre
Dance of the dead
Pulled the living to the grave
luring them out of their bed

The Shadow’s Torment

The Shadow’s Torment

By: Damien Knight Slowly approaching the dark mistress My own mind in distress Passion outweighs infatuation Screaming in utter frustration Her anger I see has no bounds Her stare louder then any sound I have been her only dreams Her life was with me it seems A thousand lies on who I am No one knows or understands The burning fire of hell in me I am blind can’t you see A soldier dead canot be…

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To Atone

Written By: Damien Knight


In the dark I sit alone

praying that I might atone

for the sins that are my own

a raging fire in my home

that carries my soul

a light gone is the toll

and I cannot be whole

with this gaping hole

so I plead to the divines

asking to bide my time

or to just rewind

but I am guilty they find

and so I must pay full price

for all my misdeeds and lies

I don’t get second tries

no forgiveness of my crimes

Eternal Seduction

By Damien Knight

Dance silently in the dark
Pressing moments of the heart
Hatred burns of passions deep
A man such as me can never sleep
Bones and flesh are life and death
I assure to take your breath
With a dark and bloody kiss
I will send you to eternal bliss
Just dance with me in the shadows
Dancing dark and twisting slow
You and I are not alone
With my embrace your heart I own


By Damien Knight

Dancing skeletons in my bed
Nightmarish dreams in my head
Marks upon my skin so fair
Light flees unaware
That nothing hides from me
Blind all things I see
Looking into crystal mirrors
Nothing ever was so clear
As the shadow within me
Darkness has set me free
Free to murder, free to bleed
Flesh is the one thing I need
Dancing skeletons in your bed
I am the nightmare in your head