Morning Drive With Cera

For a moment I was lost in time
As I glanced to my passenger side
Hair as painted as an orange sunrise
My little angel apple of my eye
Singing Johnny Cash, windows down
We laugh as the breeze blows through
Ah with her here how could I think to frown
This darling scarlet child glows
How delighted and most fortunate am I
That I get to watch her grow
So very proud of this daughter of mine

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My Little Mer

By Damien Knight 

Butterfly wings are empty trinkets

On a little girls dresser

Besides some rocks and a poem

Written for some lover

And I sigh when I see 

Still just a little girl

How had I not noticed

She’s going to change the world

But for now I treassure

Each and every moment

As I hear her sleep

And love a daughter heaven sent

I won’t waste the chance

Every day I guide her

To be the heroine we need

But for now I’ll love my mer.