Cry Out-Dying

Feel trapped, mourning the dream,
Cut to pieces nothing left to see.
How do you bleed when vein dry?
A empty world filled with icy lies,
I can’t fight when others rather I die.
Every turn I’m wicked, narcissist,
Or I’m hated, othered, unwanted.
I file away the pain, slots of mind,
Empty, cold, no empathy to find.
Makes me worthless, no place for me.
Wake me from this misery,
This corpse tires as king of agony.
When will this damn curse lift,
Where is the supposes gift.
That life is suppose to be
Denied, rejected, forced to mask.
Hide dysphoria, depression, desire to die.
Hide my rage, my existence, wake alone.
I am done fighting on my own.
Please, crying out, desperate not to die.
Save me, I’m drowning in this sea!
Help so I can be who I see inside!

Thoughts (2013)

By Damien Knight

Sometimes sit alone and think
Tell myself I just don’t care anymore
Nobody matters, just me and my kids
That’s just how it be ya know
I sink into this hole, lonely and empty
I love everyone I have around me
All this I grown close but sometimes…
Feel like if everyone vanished…
I’d be alright, just me and kids
Seems harsh I guess but that’s how it is

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