Let Go Together

Tight the heart beat in my chest
I cry out pain in my breath
Are you far, desperate this king
To cry seeking his beloved queen
Queen of hearts don’t take my head
Keep me near beside your bed
Serve you well this Knight of spades
A dark king who shys the light of day
The coughing caught in my throat
Like the lies others have spoke
Don’t dwell on those who hurt
Or the pain that wells inside you
I tell myself this daily, just breathe
And if I the king of misery can let go
Oh shadow queen let us together be free

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My Passion, My Crime

By Damien Knight

I pour my heart upon the page
Spilling out my passion.
My love a crime for the age
My lust my greatest sin.
I yearn to lace my fingers
Through your thick hair.
My kiss a taste that’ll linger
Once I am there.
I’ll trace your flesh like clay
And mold you for myself.
Just promise you will stay
Take your heart off the shelf.
I’ll protect it as my treasure.
You have my devotion
And my love without measure.
I just want your submission
To hear you say you love me.
This makes my heart beat
And sets my soul free.
I love you my princess sweet.

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A Warrior’s Love

By Damien Knight

In radiance she stands cloaked
Her garments the finest of silk
She stands amongst the gods
Drinking ambrosia and milk
She is the goddess of light
Her command is my reward
She is above all of them
For her I wield my sword
She is the definition of love
Her presence my very breath
Her essence my Sustenance
I shall be devoted beyond death
Let a man speak ill of her
They will meet swift end
My spear piercing their hearts
With me the enemy shall contend
She is the mistress of battle
For her I charge to war
I am her honored Knight
To her my life I swore

What I Would Do

By Damien Knight

If I could buy you roses they would be upon your door
If I could get you chocolates I would get them by the scores
If I could write a love song I would sing it aloud
If I could declare my love to you I would shout above the crowds

If I knew how to write a sonnet every line is yours
If I knew how to sing I would sing of you on every shore
If I knew what ring you wanted I would place it on your hand
If I knew how to kneel before you I could be your man

I could not buy you those roses or a ring
No sweet love songs or sonnets could I sing
Still with this I declare my love so true
For this man there is only one woman and that is you