Deaths Door

By Damien Knight

All around me I see
Decaying forms wretched bodies
Of things vile walking toward, me
Creatures of darkness
From the depths of night
Things that belong to Death himself
They have come for me
To take me with them
I scream freighted
Knowing my doom comes
And I am at its door
Knocking unwillingly


By “Ayana Kanosis”

I want You
I need you
Stop trying to run from me
I wish you
I dream you
Why do you hide from me
My shadow
My savior
You know it does not pay to fight
The feelings
The heartache
You are not as dead as night
You’re thinking
You’re dreaming
Look I am right beside you
I’m screaming
And crying
As the blade charges at me
My hands
My feet
They don’t want to move
You see me
You feel pain
You come in front of me
The horror
The shock
As the blades run through you
Then mist
And shadows
Overtake me and wrap around me
The shadow
The mist
It’s you protecting me
Don’t hide
Don’t run
I need you here with me
I know
I see
How scared you really are
But I love
And I need
For you to see me here

My Lost Hope

By Damien Knight

I stood bare, naked and cold
rearing my ugly face so bold
how dare I hope that beneath this ugliness
was to be seen some sort of tenderness
I was such a dope
to have such a foolish hope
so I build my wall so fast
just to blockade my past
from you snarling pack of wolves
trampling my dreams with your hooves
from now on I block my feelings
what will it do I can never again sing
I used to sing sweetly you know,
now all I can do is crow
yet I crow for no living being anymore
that all flew right out the door
I used to fly, even soar, above the sky
now I don’t even want to try
only one good thing remains in me
put my raven feather to the sun and see
the old rainbow colors dance so soft
so for me, in dark coloring, not all was lost

Cold Heart

By Damien Knight

The weight of life bears down on me
And my heart feels misery
Nothing is certain, nothing real
Heartless, I can’t feel
I dont want to live any more
My heart has closed its doors
I sigh in vain, a fantasy
A dream, dead in me
When I wake from here
Will it become clear
This cold unyielding heart
becomes a melting art