By Damien Knight

I dry the tears from my stained eyes
Weary of the myraid of lies.
You wrote so many pretty tales
But that ship had long set sail.
Unhappy lullabyes, your siren song
Of all the ways I done you wrong.
I will not care for you anymore
You burned the bridge, slammed the door.
Don’t come crying to me Sailor Mars
When he doesn’t help you reach the stars
When he leaves you an empty shell,
I won’t be there as well.
My love is spent, friendship gone
I should have listened all along.
My fair maiden with the peridot eyes
Has not wished upon me my demise.
She has called me her love and king
I have called her my everything.
It is easy to make my choice
I love she who has the honey tea voice.
Fair well, to god with you, adeu
I want nothing more to do.with you!

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