Goku Fan Art

By Damien Knight

During my anime art period I decided to do a Goku of DBZ fan art. I did not paint the background first on it as I normally do.


I forgot to take pictures of the sketching process. Goku is a very interesting and fun loving hero.




I think it came out ok.

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Nyanpire- Fan Art

As my daughter stated easily : “OMG! This is too cute! I have to look away! It’s too cute for me!”
And since this is my adorable daughter:



My Super Cute Daughter!

You know that if it’s too cute for this little girl it’s got to be cute. Nyanpire is an anime about a Vampire Cat. When I did the piece I had yet to see the anime, but heck why not, it had all the things I loved, cats, Vampires, and strawberries.




Like all my pieces I started by painting a pink background. I then sketched and outlined the black areas. NYAN!




Oh look at him so happy right? I painted Nyanpire kitty filling his fur with a grey color.



And Finished!

I painted in the details and the result, a kitty so cute I could melt. Hope you all like.





Jack Skellington -Fan Art

By Damien Knight

After going to Otakon and volunteering for their Art show I was encouraged to try doing fan art. I did various pieces back in 2013 of different fan art. This of Jack is one of my favourites.



Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite holiday movies.


Painting Phase

I hope to eventually do Sally.


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