Queen of Kalos: The Adventure Begins

A pokemon fan fiction

By Cera Knapp

Hi, my name is Cera and I want to get my final Princess key. I need it so I can be the queen of Kalos region. While others tell me I have a difficult road ahead I know it will be easy for me with my “eeveelutions.” There is one thing that stands in my way though. My eevee,  Eeveen is constantly targeted by Team Rocket. One day though I will beat them once and for all and become Queen of Kalos! Let’s go Eeveen and catch them all!

The Old House – Story Prompt Time

Written By Damien Knight

Koraki had been boasting to Atron and Ayana about a house he’d found for weeks. A beautiful white house with two attic bedrooms and a medium kitchen. This was his dream home he would tell them. He pleaded they view the 1920s era country home, and so Atron and Ayana agreed. They caved, yes they’d view the house. It was owned by an acquaintance who agreed to show them the property.

They pulled into the business parking next to the quaint little house. The siding was stained, the pillars though were sturdy. Greek columns into brick bases, they held on the porch roof.

“See look at this country porch, we could hang a swing here.” Koraki gushed, “And paint the door brick red.”

Atron and Ayana both listened. The owner lead them inside through the back door. The kitchen floor was only subfloor, everything had been removed.

“It needs work, but she’s got all new plumbing, a new roof and electrical.” The owner said.

He lifted the subfloor to show the plumbing. Ayana was quiet in the corner of the room meanwhile Atron leaned to take a look. He nodded as the man showed the work the house needed. Koraki grabbed Aya’s hand.

“Let me show you the bedrooms.” He grinned.
Koraki dragged her up the narrow steps ducking into the first attic room. The room had carpet matting but the carpet was all rolled up. The second smaller room had carpet. He turned to Ayana.

“This could be Cerieka’s room. It’s cozy and the other Norin’s.”

“I don’t know the house needs a lot of work. And the garage.” She sighed, “The yard is big though. Maybe.”

“Oh but it’s so perfect, a historic house that we can make anything we want it to be.”

Ayana shook her head, her green eyes piercing the wall behind him. She heaved and walked back down the stairs.

“So how much is it?” She asked Atron.

“He wants 59 k for it. I mean it’s not bad and we need a solution.”

“It’s just so much work, we’d put 8 to 10 thousand in this place for it to be liveable. Koraki.”

Koraki sighed, he loved the historic house it was beautiful, charming. Why do people let old houses like this die? Still, he agreed. This place was too much work.