Colourfest Painting

By Damien Knight

I have not painted in over a year to be honest. With studies, work and house hunting time just hasn’t been there. Sharing all my art inspired me to bust some finger paints and paint. My kids and I each did one. This one is mine I have called it Colourfest.





Golden Dog Dreams

Painting by Cera and Jayson Knapp


Damien: I wanted to teach the love of art to my kids at a young age. When my son was 5 and my daughter going on three I did my first art session with them using finger paints and paint board. I will let each child tell you what this first painting they did means to them.

Cera: It means a lot to me because it was my first painting. It is a yellow dog. I did it when I was 2 so I don’t remember painting it. It hang’s in my bedroom.

Jayson:  This was based off of a child leash that I liked. I had one when I was that age and my parents were getting rid of it. I treated it like a stuffed animal.

Damien: And apparently my kids aren’t very wordy on this. I feel the painting has a very dreamscape look and for their first piece of real art it was impressive. I will always treasure this piece.