Forgive Me Sora

By Damien Knight

How can one not expect to feel as deep as I
Talking near every day yet you seem so shy
Is it your face true in my deepest dreams
If not careful I unravel at the seams
Plead lady that you forget my kindness
There is not such thing as eternal bliss
At least not for this king of misery
Who leads a life none would envy
I close my eyes to eyes like cinnamon
Oh Sora this Raven needs forgiven

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By Damien Knight

My heart is torn asunder,
I can’t stop thinking of you.
Even as she broke my soul,
My Sailor Mars untrue.
I find my mind is painted
In the search for Aniya.
My soul is tainted.
Dare she call me a liar.
I promised her my passion,
She gave me nothing in return.
Aniya, forgive this sin
Forgiveness I hope to earn.

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Monday Motivation: Forgiving Yourself, Forgetting the Past

By Damien Skye Knight

Today’s motivation is ‘forgive yourself’ and accept mistakes in others. I have already talked about how we have to “Shed Your Past”. Today I want to talk about one way we do that. We do this through forgiveness, not just of others but yourself. We are our hardest critics, sometimes we can’t help blame ourselves for things we couldn’t control. Or maybe we could but now it’s too late to change it.

What do you do if you can’t forgive yourself? Wallow? Last month was yet another anniversary to the death of my beloved Misty. She was murdered April 2005. For years I beat myself up over her. If I asked her to stay would she be alive? The truth is, it is something I cannot change and I will never know. All I can do is forgive myself. I can’t control it nor can I change it. If I did something to another person and it causes me guilt the only action I have available now is apology. If they accept it great if not I still need to move on and forgive myself.


The last part is forgetting other’s wrongs. We never truly forgive and forget with other people as humans our memories make a large part of our identity. To forgive ourselves and others though we have to accept mistakes that are made and do so with grace. This is hard when the other party refuses to acknowledge wrongdoing, abuse, or suffering caused to you. Ask yourself does holding on to that anger and resentment help you heal? The answer is no. Let go and accept what has happened in this way you forgive them and move forward on your journey to forgive yourself.

Stay Motivated!

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