The Weaker Sex?

She gives a man no credit to bear burdens deep
Agony I have bared her and all
Simple and so ever sweet
Alas would she thinks men to be weak?
Is weakness that I sigh “poor Sora.”
After I swore not to use her name…
Or weak that I tell her I wish her joy?
All is and all the same
I say again she gives no credit men
Not to him she so loves, nor me the bard to say
We are weak in mental state
When my heart’s such stress on plate
And here I pray each day her burdens
That I might find way to take
And carry it on wing
Ne’er mind that my own song
I must attend while I start T again
And on top 2 midterms
And 2 teen children who must learn
Yet here I am at page to console
Princess, dear? Men are weak? I think not so

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Born Beautiful

By Damien Knight

I started the piece with a sketch.  It’s hard to see here but the lines were all very basic. I wanted the image to be just that simple, basic. I decided to do this piece after my son was asking about childbirth.




After the Sketch I began painting. I choose simple colours.



Born Beautiful

After painting this piece which is Acrylic on canvas I thought about how we feel during pregnancy. Every child we say we don’t care the gender we will love them either way and so I purposely made this child genderless. Every child is Born Beautiful.