Blood Bliss (Nov 1, 2009)

This poem is ancient. I wrote it so long ago that I found it not on facebook or computer files but in a note book near a drawing of my 10 year old daughter as a baby! It’s a sort of depressed creepy fantasy vampire poem. Makes me wonder what else is tucked away in notebooks.

If it rained blood
I knew someone died
If it fell on me
I wouldn’t cry

If it rained wine
I wouldn’t care
Heck that be divine
But it rains blood

It pours from the sky
Makes earth a living hell
Covers every inch
And pools in the drinking well

I lower the bucket
To take in a drink
Absorbing life from horror
I stand at the brink

Of what is good and evil
Yet, like other men
I’ll do what I please
I follow my own command

But I’m not fit for happiness
Destruction is my joy
blood becomes my bliss
I will wake in sorrow again

Danse Macabre

By Damien Knight

All ye dead
Let’s arise
We will dance
We will jive
Dance in the night
Upon our grave
Dance of death
Lures peasant and nave
Knights and lords
Will die this day
For death has come
To steal them away
Young and old
Will dance this dance
Go join them
Don’t miss your chance
Oh Danse Macabre
Dance of the dead
Pulled the living to the grave
luring them out of their bed


By Damien Knight

Life, long tedious overwhelming underbearing, life.
Why do I continue you when I instead should toss you aside,
For the shroud of the shadowy death that is me?
Why do I press on when there is nothing
For me to press on against?
There is no laughter in these empty eyes,
No smile marks do I bear on my face.
Just the grim and ghastly frown of undead.
So why must I press in my suffering
Like salt in an open wound?
None the less I press and press
To keep myself undead!

The Wraith

By: Damien Knight

I felt a desire to do a macabre style art and this wraith was the result. Skulls have detail that make them a bit more difficult to draw than I initially expected but the result was worth it. I really like the flow of hair too. Hope y’all like it.



Torment Forever

By Damien Knight

Smile for me just a little
Don’t worry won’t hurt a bit
It’s your soul in my hands
your heart bleeding slit
Huh, you complaining crying out
It feeds me so scream
I wanna hear you shout
Cuz your pain makes me hungry
I am starved for blood
Thirsting to drink the cup
Of untamed passion
And you, I would eat up
Devouring you as you plead
Master, spare my soul
But I spare none
Destruction my goal
And when I am done
I will kiss you softly
my sweet precious one
and love you forevermore