Let Go Together

Tight the heart beat in my chest
I cry out pain in my breath
Are you far, desperate this king
To cry seeking his beloved queen
Queen of hearts don’t take my head
Keep me near beside your bed
Serve you well this Knight of spades
A dark king who shys the light of day
The coughing caught in my throat
Like the lies others have spoke
Don’t dwell on those who hurt
Or the pain that wells inside you
I tell myself this daily, just breathe
And if I the king of misery can let go
Oh shadow queen let us together be free

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by Damien Knight

Guard the heart, cage it
Don’t fall in love, forget
If you attach quick, you burn
Seriously, Koraki, you don’t learn
But her brown hair, light eyes
Her smile, the feeling a suprise
No don’t move so soon
Wasn’t Manda your sun and moon?
Alas how my heart feels so confused
My head says I was simply used
I want nothing but to feel
Please my angel be something real

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