Lies (Dec 6 2011)

By Damien Knight

Aniya, I am alone inside
I know I am dead already
It is why I cannot die
A corpse that lives for you
I guess I live for lies
These falsehoods feed me
All I am living is lies
For I cannot wake without you

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The Shadows Torment

By Damien Knight

((From a dream I had))

Slowly approaching the dark mistress
My own mind in distress
Passion outweighs infatuation
Screaming in utter frustration
Her anger I see has no bounds
Her stare louder than any sound
I have been her only dreams
Her life was with me it seems
A thousand lies on who I am
No one knows or understands
The burning fire of hell in me
I am blind can’t you see
A soldier dead cannot be dying
A man like me is always lying
And so I continue my masquerade
Playing at this game of charades
But It infuriates her even more
And she slams shut the door
To the heart of my salvation
My own secret adoration
No I pushed way to deep
And now I get no sleep
If only I could reverse my lies
Then I as the shadow wouldn’t die
*I am the Shadow. I am a Lie*



Heart ripped from my breast
I know I wasn’t the best
Obsessive, selfish, and lost
Now I’m paying the cost
Of being overbearing
And constantly wearing
Out your nerves
Forgive me, seems you love her
But slowly my heart
Tears me apart
Then falls unbeating
Wake me, I’m dreaming
Goodnight, goodnight, my death
This is my last breath
So, say au revoir
I must run far
Sleep deep and wake
With a new uptake
Embrace my name
No more games
I wake no longer apart
I become Blackheart

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